Why Invest in Real Estate in 2023?

Why invest in real estate in 2023? Well, Airbnb investing is the gateway to the kind of freedom you only read about in novels and see in films. This freedom affords time to build your legacy and determine how you want people to remember you. Here at mbanc, we have decades of experience helping people create sustainable wealth on their terms.

Learn how short-term rental investing can help you create an enduring legacy, build generational wealth, and carve out your piece of the American Dream.

Why Invest in Real Estate in 2023? Here Are The Top Reasons

Passive Income

When people ask, Why invest in real estate? One of the top answers is passive income monthly with minimal effort, which makes work feel more like a holiday than a job. 

With the right property in the right location, finding renters will never be an issue. Innovative tools like STR Verifi empower you to forecast the ROI from an investment property with unparalleled accuracy so your property pays for itself. 

Strategic investing guarantees your ROI will exceed operational expenses, mortgage payments, taxes, and more. This cash flow only improves as you pay down your mortgage and build up equity.

Also, consider appreciation. By using a short-term rental calculator to select a strong market with projected growth, your property’s value will grow. Plus, in markets with rising appreciation, rents also tend to rise, which boosts your passive income. 

This passive income provides financial freedom, which is the threshold to true freedom. With mbanc’s non-qm DSCR loans, you can use the projected revenue from a property to finance purchasing it. True freedom has never been so accessible. 

Preserving and Protecting Wealth

Still, passive income is not the end-all-be-all for those wondering, Why invest in real estate? Short-term rental investing also preserves, protects, and continues to grow your wealth. 

Because, after all, freedom comes at a hefty cost if it is not sustainable.

Airbnb investing enables you to hedge against inflation to protect your wealth and leverage your investment to increase your ROI and fortify your wealth by investing in more properties and improving on current properties.

Lastly, real estate investing offers several tax breaks that help save money, further protecting and preserving wealth for future generations. Remember, letting your wealth work for you is investing 101. 

You can capitalize on decades of deductions for things like depreciation, insurance, maintenance, and mortgage interest. You can even defer capital gains taxes.

Passive income is like a natural resource. Discovering it is just the beginning. Leveraging, preserving, and protecting it is how you stake your claim on freedom.

Legacy Building

With a steady and sustainable stream of increasing passive income, you will have the financial freedom and time to build a legacy for future generations, which is at the heart of the American Dream. 

Airbnb investing supplies you with the financial means and freedom to architect an enduring legacy for generations. Your legacy is how people will remember you and how you can take care of those you love the most after you’re gone.

“You have to change your perspective. Many people get hung up on survival, just meeting day-to-day needs. Legacy building requires thinking far beyond that. Still, this requires sustainable cash flow and time to determine what you want your legacy to be, which is what vacation rental investing offers,” Desh Weragoda, mbanc CTO, explained. 

By leveraging this investment into more real estate investments with guaranteed ROI, you will continue to amplify your income so your wealth transcends generations, enabling you to shape your legacy however you want.

You will have the freedom to define your values, principles, and long-term goals for your family and the world at large and lay the foundation of a legacy that will carry on for generations. 

For example, you can use your free time to share knowledge and insights with your children to guarantee their financial success, or you can devote your time and resources to supporting causes that are near and dear to your heart.

Legacy building is no longer a luxury of the wealthy. With non-qm, DSCR loans, you can qualify easier and faster than ever using the projected income a property will generate.

Why Invest in Real Estate? Contact Us to Start Building Wealth That Will Take Care of Your Family for Generations

Generational wealth affords you something like a superpower: You can dictate the future for your family and the greater good. Airbnb investing provides unequaled cash flow and future financial security to empower you to architect your legacy. At mbanc, our passion is helping people like you live out their American Dream through DSCR loans. In conjunction with an innovative short-term rental calculator, the world will be a blank canvas to paint your legacy on, and the future will be like putty in your hands. 

Talk with our team now to get started. 

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