A Case Study: What You Can Earn from an Airbnb in the Florida Keys

A Case Study: What You Can Earn from an Airbnb in the Florida Keys

A Case Study: What You Can Earn from an Airbnb in the Florida Keys

Natural wonders. Chill, tropical vibes. A riveting history. Gin-clear water. Cocktails with a splash (or three because who’s counting?) of gin. The Florida Keys is a sanctuary, worlds away from worldly troubles, and a prime location for Airbnb investing. 

Still, investing always feels like a gamble. While that may have been true in the past, our cutting-edge tool, STR Verifi, enables investors and realtors alike to project the ROI of an investment with unprecedented accuracy. Days clouded by uncertainty are behind you, and your financial future will be as consistently perfect as the weather in the Florida Keys. Still not convinced? 

Explore a case study of STR Verifi to understand the innovative technology it offers when paired with MBANC DSCR loan options. Learn how your tenants can pay your mortgage for you:

An Airbnb in the Florida Keys: About the Property

Let’s examine this property in Key Colony Beach, FL. This music-video-ready waterfront property has deep water dockage, 2 large slips, and a 16k boat lift.

Constructed in 1960, this 4 bedroom/4 bathroom property has ample room for a pool overlooking Bonefish Bay, and it comes with a concrete seawall and a Tiki hut in the backyard to enjoy all the seaside splendor.

Its newly renovated kitchen has granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, and the property also has a wet bar, an ice machine, central cooling, 4 parking spaces, a dishwasher, a microwave, an oven, and a private outside entrance into each master bedroom.

This incomparable dream destination for vacationers was last sold for $1,035,000. Here’s where STR Verifi comes into play for Airbnb investing.

STR Verifi in Action: An Airbnb in the Florida Keys

Imagine you take out a standard 30-year mortgage. The mortgage, with property taxes included, will cost $5,767 monthly ($69,204 annually.)

Firstly, our cutting-edge Airbnb investing tool reveals that this home is in a prime market with an overall “A” grade, with particularly great ratings in rental demand, revenue growth, and seasonality. What do these ratings mean for investors?

Expect consistent business regardless of season because, well, Florida’s weather is vacation-ready practically all year long. You can also expect annual revenue to rise.

STR Verifi also reveals you can expect to earn $165.1k annually at a daily rate of $637, and the occupancy rate is 71%, which is well above the natural average of 57.6%, so you only need tenants for ten days to cover the monthly mortgage payment.

On average, this property will earn you $13,758. After your mortgage payment, you will have approximately $8,000 extra in your pocket. Still, investments are supposed to be strategic. You have to play the field. 

You have to make adjustments to changing conditions. When it starts raining, should you keep throwing bombs downfield? No, that exposes you to unnecessary risk. You adjust play calling and pound the rock. STR Verifi offers an unequaled advantage: 

You can see market changes before they occur. Using its graphs, you can evaluate the potential rental growth rate (which is rising) and month-over-month and year-over-year growth (also rising.) 

Now, you’re probably thinking, What about operating expenses? Which, y’know, we respect. Nothing in life is free, not even running an Airbnb. Our innovative tool has that covered, too:

Operating expenses are $52,602 annually, meaning annual revenue is $112,460. After mortgage payments, that is an extra $43,256 tax-free. With STR Verifi, working a second job is as easy as a tropical getaway.

Even better, this home was formerly a duplex and can be easily converted into double units to accommodate double the guests with the same benefits and amenities to double your profits…OK, we’ll save that for another time. But you get the point

Talk with Our Team to Learn More About STR Verifi, DSCR Loans, and Financing an Airbnb in the Florida Keys

Airbnb investing is volatile and can feel like a gamble, like perfect weather sullied by the potential of a storm. However, when you use an innovative short-term rental property calculator like STR Verifi, you eliminate uncertainty and turn that gamble into a sure thing. This tool empowers you to evaluate any property anywhere in the United States in granular detail to gain unrivaled insight into the Airbnb profit you will earn. 

You can’t control the weather or stop the rain, but this cutting-edge tool is as close to a rain dance as you can get once you start making it rain profits, and you can count on it to work. To learn more about STR Verifi and how we can help you conquer your market and finance your short-term rental, talk to our team.

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