A Rental Property Investing Guide: Putting Together the Right Team

A Rental Property Investing Guide: Putting Together the Right Team

A Rental Property Investing Guide: Putting Together the Right Team

Practically everyone has seen The Avengers. This cultural phenomenon exemplifies how success is all about the people you have around you, and rental property investing is no different. Everyone plays a crucial part and brings unique skills to position you for success. Learn how to assemble a dream team for short-term rental investing, from finding the best mortgage lenders with the best DSCR loans to finding the right property managers:

Assembling a Dream Team for Rental Property Investing

Acquisitions Person (Realtor)

A realtor is invaluable when buying an investment property. In some ways, they’re like the brains of the operation. 

Realtors help analyze market trends and have intimate, local knowledge of the market in which you are pursuing short-term rental property investing. Couple that with innovative short-term rental software like STR Verifi, and you have a very powerful player on your team.

To ensure you get the most out of your investment while staying within budget and finding the perfect property for your needs, find a realtor with a winning mentality.  

Property Management Company

When buying a rental property, remember that it requires work after closing the deal, which is why a property management company is crucial. You have to think forward in time and think about factors after finalizing the purchase.

After all, the point of short-term rental property investing is a reliable source of passive income that continues to strengthen over time. Without a premier property management company, you limit your ROI and stunt your future success. 

These companies ensure a top-tier renter experience, manage day-to-day operations, reduce expenses, maintain the property, help stick to your budget, and ensure you maintain a consistent client base and stellar reputation. 

Rental Property Mortgage Lender

None of this would be possible without acquiring a short-term rental property mortgage. In a way, financing is the source of your team’s superpowers. Finding the best mortgage lenders for your situation requires evaluating your financial situation. 

For many, lenders like mbanc that offer the best DSCR loans are prime solutions for a vacation rental investment because you can acquire financing easier and faster using projected income your property will generate instead of W-2s and paystubs. 

Pair that with cutting-edge short-term rental software like STR Verifi, and you and your team have an advantage on par with the Infinity Stones.

CPA, Tax Advisor, and Financial Advisor

Another key member of any team is a CPA who can provide tax advisory and financial advisory services specific to rental property investing. These individuals help optimize your budget, allocate funds, and help an investor make intelligent money moves. 

Title and Insurance Companies

Lastly, no team is ready to take on rental property investing without title and insurance companies on their side. 

Title companies oversee the transfer of ownership, issue title insurance, do zoning due diligence, streamline the closing process, protect investments, and save money on financing and insurance.

Liability insurance covers potential environmental, standard, and third-party home damage, which is a vital consideration when buying a rental property or making a vacation rental investment because you will have other people constantly in the property.

Contact mbanc to Start Rental Property Investing 

Successful rental property investing is a team effort. Remember, while The Avengers could handle small fries individually, they had to come together when the stakes were raised and it mattered most. 

From finding a winning realtor to working with the best mortgage lenders to obtain the best DSCR loans, your team will be far greater than the sum of its parts. If you are interested in buying an investment property, short-term rental investing is an excellent opportunity to create success on your terms.

To learn more about how our short-term rental calculator STR Verifi forecasts and guarantees ROI, and to obtain a rental property mortgage from a premier lender via a quick, easy process, contact us today. Not all superheroes wear capes; many look just like you.

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